The GAMMA World MMA Championships will be held in Singapore on 22 November 2019.

The tournament will be the largest amateur event ever organized in the history of non-professional mixed martial arts. National teams will come from an expected 60 countries around the world to compete in the following disciplines of GAMMA:

  • MMA
  • Olympic MMA
  • Submission Fighting

Training for the numerous referees and judges necessary to officiate the MMA World Championships with new and innovative regulations, in addition to traditional MMA, has already begun.

These GAMMA officials will be trained in three special seminars held in Europe in 2019.

“The entire MMA community is looking forward to the GAMMA World Championships in Singapore,” said GAMMA President Alexander Engelhardt. “It will be the perfect platform for our amateur athletes, coaches, officials and referees.”


As the global governing body for amateur MMA, GAMMA works daily to improve the stewardship of the sport while developing it in a healthy, safe, and inclusive manner.

This gives all amateur mixed martial athletes the opportunity to fulfil their dreams and compete on the grandest sporting stage.

A five-year strategy has been launched through to 2024.

During this time, GAMMA will lead the drive towards a more competitive, entertaining, and meaningful MMA for athletes and fans.

GAMMA will create more opportunities for people and nations to enjoy MMA while increasing competitiveness at all levels.

This will include the development of exciting and engaging global events, working to attract new and diverse fans, and building long-term commercial and non-commercial partnerships.

GAMMA will continue to make considerable efforts to protect the integrity of the sport and develop initiatives that promote fair play, inclusion, gender equality and more.