The Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts (GAMMA) formally congratulates France for having officially legalised the sport of mixed martial arts in the country.

France’s Minister of Sport, Roxana Maracineanu, and the French National Olympic Committee assigned the Fédération Française de Boxe (French Boxing Commission) to oversee and supervise the sport of mixed martial arts in the country for one year.

Prior to this announcement, GAMMA had already been in various discussions and meetings with the key stakeholders in French mixed martial arts and the Ministry of Sport on how to move the development of mixed martial arts in the country forward.

All parties expect more work to be done as further details are ironed out and the decision to legalise the sport of mixed martial arts in France is completely ratified.

Alexander Engelhardt, President of GAMMA, stated: “This development is yet another significant step towards achieving our goal of earning international recognition for mixed martial arts as an Olympic sport. This is a huge milestone in the history of the sport of mixed martial arts in France.

“Mixed martial arts athletes in France will finally receive the honor and privilege of being able to compete at home, in front of their fans and countrymen, on French soil.

“GAMMA, the official world governing body for amateur mixed martial arts, wishes all the best to the athletes, participants, and fans of MMA in France. We will continue to provide our unwavering support for the growth of amateur mixed martial arts in France for the betterment of all athletes.”