With announcement of USFMMA, GAMMA now has the support of 110 total member federations and continues to be the global authority and platform for mixed martial arts.

July 3rd 2020 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands: The Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts (GAMMA), today announced that it has welcomed the United States Federation of Mixed Martial Arts (USFMMA) as its newest member. As of today, GAMMA now has the support of 110 member federations from around the world.

GAMMA vows to continue its efforts to drive amateur mixed martial arts to a brighter future. With an unwavering commitment to developing and governing the sport from the grassroots, GAMMA continues to establish itself as the top authority on amateur mixed martial arts.

“I am proud to introduce USFMMA as GAMMA’s newest member federation, as well as the addition of 30 new member federations which have joined our cause. We now have 110 member federations who have signed on with their support. In a time of great despair due to a global health crisis that has ravaged communities, I am amazed at the power of the human spirit and how we can unite to work together in support of our beloved sport. With our hands joined together, the future of the amateur mixed martial arts industry indeed looks bright,” said Alexander Engelhardt, President of GAMMA.

“GAMMA remains committed to providing amateur mixed martial arts athletes a global platform to showcase their skills and talents. With the full support of our member federations, we have expanded our capabilities and reach to continue championing the true spirit of martial arts, and promote a sport built on sportsmanship, competitive excellence, and fair play.”

The USFMMA first lent its support to GAMMA during the inaugural GAMMA World Championship in November 2019, where 35 teams from around the world competed in 110 matches across four days. The USFMMA sent eight of its top athletes to compete among the world’s very best in amateur mixed martial arts. Three of those eight athletes took home prestigious medals and other accolades for their efforts (in the picture above the USFMMA female team).

Like GAMMA, the USFMMA’s mission is to empower American athletes to reach sustained competitive excellence, cultivate character and sportsmanship while fostering the growth of amateur mixed martial arts on a safe and fair playing field in the United States.

Led by Justin Brown and Diana Williams, they have been working hard to provide pathways and opportunities for amateur mixed martial arts athletes to compete and strive for high performance.

“As the sole USA Federation we are very proud to be a part of the GAMMA family!” said Justin Brown, President of USFMMA. “I have personally been involved in the MMA Olympic movement for six years now and I am confident that GAMMA is on the right path, to achieve all the requirements of the Sport Accord. With the proper global leadership within GAMMA, the goal of Olympic Recognition for Amateur MMA has never been closer!”

Based in Amsterdam, GAMMA is a non-profit organization made up of thought leaders and pioneers in mixed martial arts with decades of experience in the sport. GAMMA is headed by its President, Alexander Engelhardt, and its members are made up of national federations across all five continents.

GAMMA advocates martial arts’ tradition of excellence, discipline, and respect, and stands firm in its objective is to govern and oversee the sport of mixed martial arts, particularly the amateur ranks. GAMMA’s objective is to provide structure to this quickly-growing global sport, establishing rules and regulations to ensure fair play, athlete safety, and equal opportunity for all. GAMMA also stands against doping, cheating, or discrimination, establishing a safe environment for its athletes to foster teamwork, a healthy lifestyle, and an inclusive mentality.

GAMMA continues to push forward for amateur mixed martial arts to one day be considered an Olympic sport. GAMMA believes that, as the newest and fastest-growing combat sport, mixed martial arts can be a positive force in diverse communities among the great nations of the world, while benefiting all martial arts through a spirit of collaboration and innovation.