The Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts (GAMMA), is proud to announce its next European Championship, to be hosted from the 21st – 26th  June 2021, in Prague.

During such a difficult time globally and with significant challenges throughout Europe, this news represents an exceptional positive sign of hope, for both Europe and the wider Mixed Martial Arts community, especially for the entire GAMMA family.

This message highlights the determination and professionalism our Federation is founded upon. Instead of being submerged by the complexities, GAMMA has navigated the difficult and often unsettling circumstances of the worldwide pandemic, with a strategic and team- orientated approach from GAMMA members across the Globe. Our presence worldwide has been increasing tremendously as a result of these actions.

Our mission is to campaign a brighter future and global growth of amateur mixed martial arts. We are achieving this through consistent hard work and unwavering commitment.

Prague GAMMA European Championship is yet another positive step towards this mission. We believe it represents a unique opportunity, for all the National Federations to showcase their full potential on a distinguished global stage.

With our headquarters in Europe, we are truly thrilled and excited to be hosting our first event in Czech Republic.

Prague in this sense, represents the ideal stage to show the world what our European flair stands for:

  • unparalleled historical heritage,
  • young & multicultural environment and;
  • an exciting nightlife

This experience is strengthened and supported by the extraordinary expertise of our Czech Republic Member Federation, MMMA – Czech MMA Federation led by Martin Škvára. This will offer an unforgettable experience for all our athletes and GAMMA family in attendance.

We are truly blessed to have this opportunity to write a new chapter in our history and to create our own legacy in the Mixed Martial Arts landscape.

GAMMA advocates martial arts’ tradition of excellence, discipline, and respect. It stands firm in its objective to govern and oversee the sport of mixed martial arts, particularly the amateur ranks. GAMMA’s objective is to provide structure to this quickly-growing global sport, establishing rules and regulations to ensure fair play, athlete safety, and equal opportunity for all. GAMMA also stands against doping, cheating, or discrimination and establishes a safe environment for its athletes to foster teamwork, a healthy lifestyle, and an inclusive mentality.

GAMMA continues to push forward for Amateur Mixed Martial Arts to one day be an Olympic sport. GAMMA believes that, as the newest and fastest-growing combat sport, mixed martial arts can be a communal positive force throughout all the great nations of the world, while benefiting all martial arts, through a spirit of collaboration and innovation.