The 8th Czech National MMA Championship, RP Security MMAA Arena Cup, organised by MMAA – Czech MMA Association will start its 2020/21 season on 19 September 2020 and will run till May 2021 over nine events.

The record number of competitors – 102, to be exact, will compete under GAMMA amateur rules and accumulate points ranging from one point up to 13 points for a win. After eight events in the lead up to May 2021, the first two athletes with the most points will proceed to the finals, and winners in each of the weight categories will be crowned the Czech National Amateur MMA Champion.

The long-term MMAA vision is to create a competitive environment throughout the year where all the fighters are able to constantly test and improve themselves both inside and outside the ring.

“From our experience, having a long-term competition season better develops our athletes as they have the opportunity to compete with each other monthly and work relentlessly on their weaknesses to improve,” explained MMAA’s President Martin Skvara.

“With such a competitive environment, I am confident that our home teams will be 100% ready for Prague GAMMA European Championships in June 2021.

I am truly honoured and thankful to lead such an extraordinary movement and such great clubs.

Having their support is something that makes me proud. Thank you all.”