Following the recent opening of borders within Europe, GAMMA has formally accepted the French Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Pankration Federation (FFKMDA) as its sole representative in France.

This exciting partnership will help GAMMA to strengthen its position in Europe enormously, expand its community of athletes with huge talents, and enrich its multi-racial #mixedmartialarts family with new stories and experiences.

This will also grant FFKMDA the opportunity to compete at the international level in GAMMA events.

“More than 110 countries are already GAMMA members with leading mixed martial arts country, the United States of America, having its national federation – United States Federation of Mixed Martial Arts (USFMMA) be part of GAMMA as well.

Our main objective and vision are to work together to unfold the true spirit and heritage of martial arts, creating a positive international environment grounded on values such as sportsmanship, excellence, respect, and fair play,” said FFKMDA’s president Nadir Allouache.

“Our next focus is the GAMMA European Championships in Prague next year from 21st-26th June. During the last GAMMA World Championship hosted in Singapore, top mixed martial athletes from all over the world competed in an impressive venue for an unforgettable event and experience. At the end of the tournament, the two best athletes (male and female) were awarded a $100,000 contract with ONE Championship each and a scholarship for an entire year with Evolve MMA gym based in Singapore”.

“Having the FFKMDA as our member is a really important step for MMA in France. – added Alexander Engelhardt President of GAMMA -The FFKMDA is recognised in France for different ring sports and has been developing #mixedmartialarts from the beginning as Pankration. GAMMA had always been represented in France by Eric La Rocca who has done a fantastic job and will continue to be a pivotal figure with GAMMA and now with FFKMDA we are taking the next step forward. FFKMDA as a federation has the structure in place already to lead the MMA French community.

They have the members, licensed coaches and instructors, calendar of tournaments, and experience. For GAMMA, working with Nadir Allouache was a natural choice”.

Based in Amsterdam, GAMMA is a non-profit organization made up of thought leaders and pioneers in mixed martial arts with decades of experience in the sport. GAMMA is headed by its President, Alexander Engelhardt, and its members are made up of national federations across all five continents.

GAMMA advocates martial arts’ tradition of excellence, discipline, and respect, and stands firm in its objective is to govern and oversee the sport of mixed martial arts, particularly the amateur ranks. GAMMA’s objective is to provide structure to this quickly-growing global sport, establishing rules and regulations to ensure fair play, athlete safety, and equal opportunity for all. GAMMA also stands against doping, cheating, or discrimination, establishing a safe environment for its athletes to foster teamwork, a healthy lifestyle, and an inclusive mentality.

GAMMA continues to push forward for amateur mixed martial arts to one day be considered an Olympic sport. GAMMA believes that, as the newest and fastest-growing combat sport, mixed martial arts can be a positive force in diverse communities among the great nations of the world, while benefiting all martial arts through a spirit of collaboration and innovation.