Last month GAMMA India conducted its first online international technical workshop and welcomed international participants as well.

Over 100 athletes, coaches, and technical officials attended from all over India and other countries. The Indian #mixedmartialarts community was represented and united under GAMMA.

Mr. Samit Bhat, GAMMA India’s President kicked off the event with a brief introduction of GAMMA, our values, and vision, laying the foundations for the development of #mixedmartialarts in India.

“Our objective is to empower the Indian #mixedmartialarts community, providing a sustainable and inclusive platform for the development of young athletes, judges, referees, and mixed martial arts enthusiasts”, said Mr. Bhat.

Although the Indian #mixedmartialarts community is pretty small compared to its population, its potential is already notable as demonstrated in Singapore during the last GAMMA World Championships.

The technical workshop was conducted by the GAMMA India Technical Committee which is made up of Mr. Jitendra Khare, Mr. Susovan Ghosh, and Mr. Anrew Canday.

Following the success of this workshop, another run will take place on the 17th and 18th of October.

Stay tuned!