On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, GAMMA lends it support to “The Shadow Project” (TSP), an association that supports victims of Domestic Violence. TSP is led by Gloria Peritore, the fighter and world champion in Kickboxing and mixed martial arts.

Sonia Fracassi, who plays an equally important role in the association, is the vice-president while Giada Scoccimarro, who is also a combat sports athlete, advises the association. All three athletes have previous experience with projects supporting the victims of domestic violence, something that bonds and unites them together.

The name of the association is inspired by the nickname with which Peritore is known by martial arts enthusiasts: “The Shadow.” The nickname came from her ability, agility, and skills in the ring – just like a shadow. The same shadow, in this case, from which all women who still suffer violence of all sorts, should come out from.

Gloria Peritore, committed for years to the cause, dedicating her recent conquest of the prestigious Iska World Title “to women who never give up in the face of pain.” That evening, together with the organisers of the event, she put her gloves up for auction and then donated the proceeds to a Sicilian association that deals with female victims of violence.

TSP team includes established professionals that deal with victims of domestic violence, such as psychologist and psychotherapist Rosario Scicolone, who advocates against gender violence and various forms of discrimination against minorities, Dr. Onofrio Peritore, doctor and psychotherapist, and lastly, Manuele Raini, a martial arts coach and Raini Clan owner, who will act as the advisor and coordinator of sports projects.

Dr. Barbara Felleca, lawyer and current Florence city councilor, will receive her first recognition as an honorary member for having brought Gloria closer to these activities and this cause.

TSP wants to represent an online community that supports a woman’s revival as well as being a traditional association. Its goal is to be a reference point for anyone who needs help with starting their healing process and reporting their perpetrators.

Through social media platforms, the Project wants to create that ‘network of girlfriends’ that can simplify the path to get out of difficult situations. The goal is also to provide greater attention to psychological violence, which is the most subtle and least recognisable of all kinds of violence.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, TSP will currently be engaging in online projects and video conferences, as well as raising awareness and providing informational resources online. The Association will provide on-site resources to schools and companies, host events open to the public, and collaborate with other national associations.

GAMMA is proactive in the field of women empowerment initiatives and has always considered gender equality as a core value of its mission. Having the opportunity to give visibility to grassroots programs like “The Shadow Project” resounds perfectly with our idea of combat sports as an unparalleled platform for psychological and physical self-development.

TSP Team