Everybody knows that these are crazy times for organising events, but GAMMA people never stop! Our member activities around the world are testament to the hard work being done on behalf of amateur MMA globally.

Our spirit is and will always be to face squarely all the challenges in and outside the ring, and take every adversity as a chance to learn and improve ourselves.

That’s why even in these complex times, we report our December activities from our members.

4 – 6th December: Russian Championship of mixed martial arts 2020

The event, organised by Member Federation, RF-MMA Russia, took place in the fascinating location of Ekaterinburg, Russia, involved 378 participants of all ages and weight categories, and 24 judges from all over the country.

The event was an incredible opportunity to reunite the Russian mixed martial arts community, get back to activity after a long time and start planning the activities for next year.

The teams put all their energies on the matt and performed extremely well.

The results of the top three teams are as follows:

1st place: Pro Fight Club, Yekaterinburg

2nd place: Team Republic of Udmurtia

3rd place: Association of the mixed martial arts, Kamensk-Uralsky.

18th December: MAMMAL 17

MAMMAL 17, organized by the Slovak Amateur Association, was held on the 18th of December in Trencin City.

The event, despite all the adversities, was organized in full compliance with all the safety regulations and involved all the best Slovak athletes of all ages (children, cadets, juniors, aspirants and adults).

This was just one of the stages of MAMMAL circuit, a network of events, developed by MAMMAL, whose aim is to support the growth of local talents while governing the safety and fairness of its competitions.

These are just a few of the GAMMA member activities taking place worldwide this month. We salute all our members for their commitment to amateur MMA!