The All India MMA Federation (AIMMAF) established in 2016 and an apex body for sanctioning and regulating amateur and professional mixed martial arts in India, conducted its final event of 2020 closing the year in high spirits.

Amidst pandemic, AIMMAF had to cancel the entire calendar of events scheduled to be held for 2020 to ensure the safety of the participants and as per government directive.

On Dec 13, 2020, Mixed Martial Arts Federation Gujarat a state member body affiliated with All India MMA Federation conducted the 3rd Gujarat State MMA Championship which was held at Shree Naroda Kadva Patidar Samaj Hall in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. This event was conducted with all necessary safety precautions and local government approval. AIMMAF was proud to have bestowed with the presence of Guest of Honor Mr. Dilipbhai Sanghani (Chairman of NCUI) and a very close associate of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He appreciated the grit and determination of the young athletes and wished for more such events in near future.

Over 57 MMA practitioners participated in the event. State body president Raj Maheriya said “We expected more than 200+ athletes however due to travel restrictions and pandemic we had little less participation. I am still happy with what we got”. 14 certified officials were on supervising the entire event to ensure fighter safety and to take all necessary COVID19 related precautions.

Frequent temperature checks were in place and doctors were on standby for any kind of emergency.

Highlights of the event included a knockout of the day by Jay Bharvad in 83.9kg to 93kg and Akash Rathod who was awarded Submission of the day in 70.3 to 77.1kg weight category.

General Secretary of AIMMAF Mr. Abdul Muneer congratulated both Akash Rathod and Jay Bharvad for their tremendous performance and looked forward to future participation in National Championship.

AIMMAF President Mr. Aditya PS said “This event was special for us not only because this event was conducted in Ahmedabad, Gujarat which is where our Prime Minister Narendra Modi belongs from but also because we were able to close this year with such high spirits.  We have a strong team and we hope to continue riding this spirit of sports in 2021. “

Here the results of the events:

Under 13 year
44 to 48 kg
Ayush Chavda (Gold)

16 under year
52.2 to 56.7 kg
Prithviraj (Gold)
Mohitraj (Silver)

18+ year
56.7 to 61.2
Vedanta Rabary (Gold)
Yash patel (Silver)
Goverdhan Rajput (Bronze)

61.2 to 65.8 kg
Mayur gopal chenna (Gold)

65.8 to 70.3 kg
Deepak shekhawat (Gold)
Md Ismail (silver)

70.3 to 77.1 kg
Akash Rathod (gold)
Minesh Solanki (silver)
Yasdeep chavda (bronze)

83.9 to 93 kg
Jay bharvad (gold)
Ali zafri (silver)

13 under
52 to 57 kg
Jiya Gandhi (gold)

18+ year
-47.6 kg
Kesha modi (Gold)

65.8 72.6 kg
Ruchita rajput (gold)

Open Cup Fight
18+ year

55.7 to 61.2 kg
Deep tavaliya (gold)
Jaspreet Singh (Silver)

61.2 to 70.3 kg
Akash Sharma (gold)
Aramya Bagchi (Silver)
Pratiksha Rana (Bronze)

70.3 to 77.1 kg
Jatin Chaudhary (gold)
Garga chattergee (silver)

77.1 to 83.9 kg
Mayur Rohit (gold)
Mohammed yalgi  (silver)
Nirav pambhar (bronze)

83.9 to 93 kg
Jay Patel (gold)
Tanay Roy (silver)
Vishal sidhhapura (bronze)

+93 kg
Jahid zafri (gold)
Rahul Rajput (silver)
Prashant Jha (bronze)