GAMMA picks up where he it left off in 2020.

Despite all the hurdles all of us must face due to Covid-19 spreading, in fact, the Association and all its amazing national members keep pulling off events.

After almost a year without being able to hold events due to COVID-19, our Spanish representative AEMMA is pleased to announce the first international meeting between a representative of athletes from FRANCE against a representative of athletes from ESPAÑA.

Like all our members the two countries decided strongly not to give up in front of the adversities and worked relentlessly during all these difficult months in order to be ready to get back stronger. And that’s what they did!

Both Spain and France have been very productive since the founding of GAMMA, attending all its competitions with a large number of competitors and reaping many successes and that’s why we truly wish that this event could be a huge success in order to send a message of hope and recovery for all our family for this new exciting season.

This is the fight card (subject to change):