As a new year begins, GAMMA Oceania, Australia (Queensland) have unveiled the 2021 Competition Calendar and there promises to be plenty of combat sport to keep fans and athletes happy all year long.

Some of the highlights include:

18 May 2021 – GAMMA QLD Open Tournament

A tournament proudly supported by BEAST Championship, the event will have two matches concurrently running the entire day. A lot of athletes are from the BEAST Championship YOUNG LIONS AMATEUR SERIES.

There are three main divisions.

1) Under 17 years old Division

2) 18 – 34 years old Division

3) Over 35 Senior Division

BEAST Championship will be awarding the best two athletes on that day a five-Fight Contract and Sponsorship package.

21st – 22 August 2021 – GAMMA QLD (Oceania) Tournament.

This big event will run over two days and will be one of the final selections for athletes to be selected into a Team that will represent all of the Pacific Countries. The selected Team will compete in the GAMMA World Championships 2021. This event is once again proudly sponsored by BEAST Championship.

All interested athletes and teams please forward your interest to GAMMA Oceania’s Chief of States – Jason Hoad at

Following the publication of the 2021 Competition Calendar, GAMMA wants to wish everyone a safe and great year ahead!



A development pathway aimed at Juniors to Adults that compete under GAMMA rules. As they get more experience, they get to fight in bigger and more prestigious competitions such as BEAST Championship. The youngest ever champion is only eight years old (now nine) and they compete in competitions designed just for them.