A piece of exciting news from our member GAMMA India and there’s more come!

GAMMA India is proud to announce that they will be conducting their 1st National Open Championship in the city of Bengaluru, Karnataka between the 23rd of March and 26th of March, 2021. This National Open will also determine the squad of athletes that would represent India at the GAMMA Asian Championship to be held in Issyk Kul, Kyrgyzstan in July 2021. The National Championship was scheduled to be held in March 2020 but had to be cancelled, keeping in mind the safety of the participants during the start of the pandemic in the country, and as per directive from the Government.

The Health and Safety of our athletes have always been a top priority for all of us at GAMMA and keeping in mind the current global pandemic situation, necessary Pre-Fight Medical tests and clearances for all participants have been made mandatory. Also, trained and qualified officials will work alongside medical staff throughout the duration of the tournament, to not only ensure that all necessary COVID19 safety measures are strictly adhered to but also for any other emergencies that could arise.

Based on the feedback from GAMMA India’s two successful Technical Webinars conducted on 19th & 20th September, 2020 & 17th and 18th October 2020 they will also be using this opportunity to further our cause of developing trained and qualified Mixed Martial Arts Officials (Referees and Judges) by conducting their first Officials Seminar. The Officials Seminar will be held from 23rd March till 26th March. The prospective candidates will be taken through the Rules and Regulations of Mixed Martial Arts as per the Guidelines of GAMMA and they will also be able to officiate first hand, under the careful supervision of current GAMMA India officials, at the National Championship. The goal of the seminar is to have a talent pool of thoroughly trained and experienced candidates that can further be certified and recognised by GAMMA as per GAMMA guidelines.