GAMMA is pleased to announce that our Belarus Member Federation – the Belarusian Federation of Pankration and Mixed Martial Arts (BFP&MMA) has taken concrete steps to develop mixed martial arts (MMA) in Belarus by organising the first MMA Team World Cup.

There will be eight national teams participating in the Team World Cup and each team will consist of four men and one woman, and all of them must be above 21 years old with no more than five professional wins under them.

The four weight categories for the men will be:

  • under 66kg
  • under 70kg
  • under 77kg
  • under 84kg

The women will only contest in the under 52kg category.

Format of the Team World Cup

The eight teams will be grouped into either Group A or B, where the winner of each match will progress into the tournament.

For the semi-finals, the winners of Group A will compete against the winners of Group B before heading into the finals.

How to participate

Travel to the competition venue, airport transfers and accommodation for participating athletes would be provided by Member Federations while BFP&MMA will cover all other expenses required to host the tournament.

The first match of the Cup will take place on April 3, 2021 in Minsk, Republic of Belarus with a total of eight matches leading up to the final.

GAMMA belives that BFP&MMA will make every effort to ensure that the tournament will not only provide a great and safe experience for athletes and officials but also go all out to ensure that athletes are given the platform to compete and prove themselves.

If you would like to find out more details about the Team World Cup, please contact:

Andrey Makarenko


Phone: + 375296525791