Beast Championships, an affiliate member of GAMMA Australia and GAMMA Oceania, successfully concluded their event in Brisbane last weekend, which ran from 6 – 20th March.

The tournament provided much needed competition and experience for adults, youths, and juniors who have been eagerly waiting for competitive mixed martial arts to return since the global pandemic last year.

There was so much on display – high level bouts with great techniques and some fantastic submissions demonstrated by numerous athletes. Importantly, we saw toughness, grit and resilience, and the only thing that matters is giving everything out there in the ring.

CEO of Beast Championships, Jason Hoad has been doing a lot of work the last few years to develop the grassroots scene for junior mixed martial arts in Australia. He initiated the #younglions platform to give them the opportunity to compete in competitive mixed martial arts in a safe environment.

The next GAMMA Oceania and GAMMA Australia National Championships will also be organised by Beast Championships and it is happening on 15th May in Brisbane.

Check out their social media handles or reach out to for further details.