GAMMA’s first eTournament will take place between 23rd to 25th April, and is open to competitors around the world.

In collaboration with SportData, a sports event management platform, The Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts (GAMMA) is hosting the first-ever GAMMA eTournament.

The event will take place between 23rd April 2021 and 25th April 2021, and is open to competitors from all over the world. The tournament will be in a single-elimination format, with the winner proceeding to the next round.

All participants will be awarded ranking points in GAMMA’s upcoming eTournaments Form Ranking by Sportdata.

Participants will also have a certificate of participation and/or category rank sent to them via email.

The divisions for the GAMMA Virtual MMA Championships include:

1. Solo Shadow Fight

2. Punch/Kick and or Grappling Dummy

3. Pad-work

These divisions are further subdivided into gender and age category. Divisions may be split, merged or otherwise modified at the discretion of GAMMA.

GAMMA President Alex Engelhardt said of the innovative event, “Inclusion has always been a core value of GAMMA. In hosting a virtual tournament, we are offering an avenue for people all over the world to compete and stay healthy. We offer associated national federations a way to provide their members, events, and competitions in a period where minimal events can be organised.”

The GAMMA Virtual MMA Championship is free for all GAMMA members.

To find more and sign up, click here.