In collaboration with Sandro Academy Indonesia, GAMMA Indonesia will launch its MMA Referee & Judge training programme on June 26, 2021. The activities that GAMMA Indonesia has been able to organize have been restricted due to COVID-19. However, Subhan Prasandra, Technical Director of GAMMA Indonesia was determined not to let this halt building the momentum of the sport.

“We want to enable our coaches and referees to keep educating themselves despite the pandemic. We see the need to offer official qualifications that are recognised by GAMMA to ensure the safety and development of both athletes and officials.”

Subhan also added that “The objective of the MMA Referee & Judge training programme is to kickstart the development of mixed martial arts in Indonesia, and to prepare the Indonesia team for future GAMMA events such as the Asian MMA Championships which is slated to take place in Kyrgyzstan in July, and the World Championships at the end of the year.”

GAMMA Indonesia MMA Referee and Judge Training Programme

Taking place at the Sandro Academy Martial Arts centre in Tangerang City, Indonesia, a maximum of 30 participants will be allowed to comply with the strict healthy COVID-19 protocol.

Thanks to the work of GAMMA Indonesia, demonstrating excellent leadership as they look to develop the sport across the country, the future of mixed martial arts in the country is bright.

The organising committee in collaboration with Sandro Academy Indonesia includes:

Agus Setiawan – Chairman, GAMMA Indonesia

Subhan Prasandra – General Secretary/Technical Director, GAMMA Indonesia

Joshua Hamilton – Head of Referee Commission, GAMMA Indonesia

Garth Pangemanan – General Secretary, Sandro Academy