The GAMMA Asian MMA Championships are now scheduled to take place from 24-28 August 2021.

The event will bring together male and female athletes from GAMMA’s Asian National Federations to compete in a total of 32 weight classes across two divisions: mixed martial arts and Striking MMA. Each division will have 16 weight categories, nine for males and seven for females.

The GAMMA Asian MMA Championship was originally scheduled for 21 to 26 July but will now start from 24th August.

“Our prime motivation to postpone the tournament to August is to minimise the impact of travel restrictions and strengthen the confidence of the participating delegations to travel. Thereby, reinforcing the quality of the tournament,” said GAMMA President Alexander Engelhardt.

Kyrgyzstan MMA & PF KG Federation President Babur Tolbaev said, “We are excited to welcome our Asian friends and international delegates to our beautiful country. We have all been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and hope that hosting this championship is a step forward in the resumption of international competitions not only for mixed martial arts but for all sports.”

The GAMMA Asian Championships will see the global debut of Striking MMA, a new discipline that allows for take downs but prohibits ground and pound, and is therefore considered the perfect gateway for athletes looking to transition into traditional mixed martial arts (MMA) from purely striking styles such as boxing, kickboxing and muaythai.