The GAMMA Indonesia MMA Referee and Judge Training Programme successfully certified its first batch of referees from 26-27th June at the Sandro Academy Martial Arts centre in Tangerang City. Covid-19 restrictions in place meant that a limited number of participants were able to attend the ‘live’ workshop. 

As such, close to 40 participants were split into two groups with 19 participants having their theory and practical hands-on practice at the Sandro Academy and the other 20 participants received their training at Budokan Graha Raharjo, which is a five-hour drive away from Sandro Academy.

Chairman of the Organising Committee, Garth Pangemanan who is also the General Secretary of Sandro Academy shared that 38 participants came from several provinces across Indonesia representing various martial arts disciplines such as Judo, Judo, Ju-Jitsu, mixed martial arts, SAMBO, Karate, Hapkido, Taekwondo, and Kuntao Silat.

Together with the Technical Director of GAMMA Indonesia, Subhan Prasandra, he shared that their vision is to “not only be able to produce great mixed martial arts athletes from Indonesia but to also produce referees and judges who are able to referee in international mixed martial arts tournaments”.

The work of GAMMA Indonesia on developing mixed martial arts in the country was recognised in their local newspaper.

Joshua Hamilton, Head of Referee Commission for GAMMA Indonesia and also the lead trainer for the certification course also shared his thoughts about his experience leading Indonesia’s first amateur MMA Referee and Judge Training Programme.

According to Joshua, “Mixed martial arts has been growing and evolving wonderfully. I would like to follow its progress, not just as an observer but as a participant. As mixed martial arts develops, I want to develop in the sport as a referee. And I feel a great responsibility to give back to the sport and would recommend everyone to try mixed martial arts.”

“Pending approvals from GAMMA Indonesia, I look forward to participating in the Asian Championship in Kyrgyzstan from 24-28 August” he added.