July, 14 2021 – GAMMA is honoured that Lieutenant-General Jibril Rajoub, President of the Palestine Olympic Committee has given his approval of the promotion of mixed martial arts throughout the country, providing further opportunities for the sport to engage and inspire people in Palestine.  

GAMMA Member Nizar Taleb will lead Palestine mixed martial arts committee to develop the sport of mixed martial arts in Palestine. 

Recognition from the Palestine Olympic Committee

Reflecting on this significant milestone, Nizar Taleb said,” There is a lot of history behind Palestinian sports and in spite of all the suffering and difficult conditions that the Palestinian people are going through, they still cling to life and practice sports with great passion. We have a wonderful sports system that takes care of athletes in all states of Palestine including the refugee camps in the Diaspora.    

“We are going to focus on the grassroots development for mixed martial arts. In addition to training and developing athletes, we also want to have proper structures, governance, and a long-term plan,” he added. 

GAMMA President Alexander Engelhardt also weighed in on this achievement, “Under Nizar’s leadership, mixed martial arts has made great strides in Palestine with his efforts enabling more and more people to practise the martial arts way of life. I’ve known Nizar for a while now and I know he spends most of his free time at Sports for Everybody, a non-profit organisation that helps children in all communities especially the refugees that cannot afford to practice sports and games and enjoy their childhood. I am very proud of his achievement.”