Check out our invitation video to the GAMMA Asian Championships 2021 and hear what Kyrgyzstan Federation MMA & PF President Babur Tolbaev has to say about the event and the country of Kyrgyzstan!

In less than two months a fantastic new MMA venue for the Championship has been created, just in time to welcome 148 elite amateur MMA athletes from countries across Asia, including India, Indonesia, Islamic Republic of Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Palestine, Thailand, Timor-Leste and Uzbekistan.

“We never once wavered,” said Tolbaev. “There are solutions to every challenge and together with our team, we showed that anything and everything is possible here in Kyrgyzstan. We are delighted to have pulled it off so successfully in time to host these aspiring MMA athletes from 26-28 August. We look forward to an excellent event.”

“What the organizers have accomplished here in Kyrgyzstan is truly proof that nothing is impossible,” said GAMMA President Alexander Engelhardt. “And this will make everybody in the sport aware that we are ready to face any challenge and find solutions to achieve our goals, with the same determination and courage we will use to make GAMMA great and to bring GAMMA to every corner of the globe.”

Athletes will compete across two divisions, mixed martial arts and Striking MMA, this week in Kyrgyzstan. There will be 32 weight classes, nine in each division for men and seven in each division for women.