Representatives from the International Testing Agency (ITA) delivered an informative anti-doping seminar for athletes and their entourages today during the GAMMA European Championships 2021.

A mandatory seminar for athletes covered several important topics, including athletes’ rights and responsibilities, the Prohibited List (including medications, supplements and Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs)), the doping control process, and the consequences of doping.

The interactive workshop was delivered in English with translation in Spanish, French and Russian, and athletes from 15 European countries had the opportunity to pose their questions, be guided through a doping control process demonstration and learn about the common pitfalls of doping in sport.

“As part of our ongoing athlete welfare programme and our commitment to educate and protect our athletes, this seminar was an integral part of the championships,” said GAMMA President Alexander Engelhardt. “We are committed to clean sport, and I would like to thank the ITA for their continued support in improving the knowledge of our MMA community.”

The ITA is an independent anti-doping organisation and supports the clean sport programme for the GAMMA European Championships. GAMMA first partnered with the ITA in 2020, but this was the first time such a workshop was delivered at a GAMMA event.

“Anti-doping education may not be the most glamorous topic, but it is vital for you as athletes to keep MMA clean,” ITA Education Manager Olya Abasolo told the assembled athletes. “Our role is not to police you as athletes, it is to provide you with the tools and the correct information about the rules around anti-doping, the role of the different anti-doping organisations and your rights as athletes.” 

Following the workshop for athletes, a separate seminar dedicated to support personnel was held. The ITA will be present in Kyiv for the duration of the GAMMA European Championships.