The Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts (GAMMA) and local representative Indonesia Beladiri Amatir (also known as GAMMA Indonesia) recently hosted two events to introduce Striking MMA to athletes and referees in the country.

The 1st GAMMA Indonesia Striking MMA Exhibition 2021 and 1st GAMMA Indonesia Striking MMA Referee & Judge Training Programme 2021 were held on 23 October at the Sandro Academy Martial Arts Centre in Jakarta.

Striking MMA, a new discipline introduced by GAMMA that prohibits ground and pound, is considered the perfect gateway into traditional MMA for athletes looking to transition from purely striking styles such as boxing, kickboxing and muaythai.

The development of amateur MMA in Indonesia has been increasing steadily in recent months thanks in part to the great initiatives being undertaken by Indonesia Beladiri Amatir.

Thirty people attended the Striking MMA Referee & Judges Training Programme, which introduced the rules and techniques of the new discipline under the expert guidance of the GAMMA Indonesia Vice President Joshua Hamilton and GAMMA Indonesia Secretary-General Subhan Prasandra.

This was followed by a Striking MMA Exhibition featuring 10 bouts in total. The athletes had an opportunity to learn the rules then apply them in the ring, while also having a chance to grow their networks by meeting competitors from around the country.

Striking MMA, which is separate from Mixed Martial Arts, was created to introduce most MMA techniques to the novice athlete before he or she competes in full-on Mixed Martial Arts,” said GAMMA Indonesia Vice President Hamilton. “The goal is to make them more confident in the basic techniques they have, as well as safer because it applies rules that protect them while gaining valuable experience in the ring.”

Secretary-General Prasandra, meanwhile, added that even greater things are expected for Indonesian MMA in 2022.