The African Mixed Martial Arts Confederation (AMMAC), a Member of the Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts (GAMMA), has joined the Association of African Sports Confederation (AASC-UCSA) as an affiliate member.

In a letter sent to GAMMA, AASC-UCSA President Major General Ahmed Nasser Mohamed confirmed the news, which is expected to result in the rapid growth of the sport across the continent at the grassroots and professional levels.

Letter from AASC-UCSA President Major General Ahmed Nasser Mohamed to GAMMA

President Mohamed thanked AMMAC and GAMMA for achieving recognition for the sport of MMA in Africa: “With this membership, I would like to thank you and all those involved with the Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts for your guidance and leadership together with AMMAC to have the sport of Mixed Martial Arts recognised in Africa.”

He went on to say that as one of the fastest-growing sports on the planet in terms of both the number of athletes and fans, MMA is extremely important to the AASC-UCSA, which will work to have the sport fully included in the culture of African sports.

“We believe that the sport can flourish across our continent, and we want to be considered as one of the strongest continents for the sport in the future,” he added.

The AASC-UCSA, which recognises GAMMA as the official international governing body and AMMAC as the only federation for MMA in Africa, fully supports the GAMMA values and will provide support where possible to assist additional development.

GAMMA President Alexander Engelhardt welcomed the recognition, which he believes will provide ever-increasing opportunities to athletes, officials, coaches, and event organisers across the continent.

“This agreement is a very important milestone for MMA in Africa. It will ensure the sport is managed in a consistent and professional manner,” Engelhardt said. “We cannot truly be considered a global sport until the doors are opened to everyone wishing to take part, and we are confident that this will be the case thanks to the AASC-UCSA, AMMAC and GAMMA collaboration.

“It is another sign of the strength of GAMMA and its Members to make MMA accessible for all and to develop the sport with the help of the global sporting community.”

AASC-UCSA is the sole governing body for all recognised sports organisations across Africa. For more information, visit