Since its foundation, the Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts (GAMMA) has been working hard to provide the most accessible, safe, professional, and innovative platform for the development of Mixed Martial Arts globally.

To do that, GAMMA is constantly looking at ways to improve and learn from others so that in time it will have the global recognition it deserves for its management and leadership across the MMA community.

In 2021 at the European Championships in Kyiv, GAMMA implemented hydrated weight testing to ensure safe and healthy competition for all athletes. This decision came after GAMMA’s strategic partner, the Asian Sport and Media organisation ONE Championship, first introduced this procedure in 2015, which set the gold standard for safety across the MMA industry.

Development of MMA in good hands with implementation of hydrated weight testing at GAMMA Championships.

The introduction of hydrated weight testing is aimed at discouraging athletes from purposely shedding dramatic amounts of body weight to tip the weigh-in at a specific number, which can be dangerous.

Most recently, ONE Championship has been offering fans additional behind-the-scenes content at its events, including athletes undergoing the testing process.

At GAMMA we are always striving to offer the best MMA experience for our athletes and fans. With some of the most prominent sports organisations in the world implementing procedures similar to ours, it reaffirms our commitment to being the “best in class” when it comes to transparency, integrity, and innovation – traits that will always be at the core of our development.

Watch this space for further innovations in the coming months!