Earlier this month, GAMMA Partner in Tunisia (The Tunisian Committee of Shootfighting, MMA and Grappling) together with the Ministry of Sports staged the National MMA Championships for Cadets, Juniors, and Seniors in the coastal city of Mahdia.

These Championships come not long after the TCSMMAG received recognition for the development of MMA by the Tunisian Federation of Sport and Work. The busy two days of competition was an excellent opportunity to witness the improvements that have been made by the whole Tunisian mixed martial arts community and to prepare those athletes who will be represent Tunisia at the upcoming GAMMA African Championships scheduled for the end of August.

Plenty of supporters showed up to cheer on almost 200 male and female athletes across all categories. The championships received plenty of local media coverage as well as political support as President of the federation Fethi Djebbi received the encouragement from the regional sports commissioner on behalf of the Tunisian Minister of Sports.