Since its foundation, GAMMA has been working hard to offer the very opportunities for Mixed Martial Arts across the world. In only a few years, there has been a significant increase in GAMMA members joining the family and several fantastic initiatives being implemented on a global scale for the constant development of MMA.

Earlier this month, GAMMA assisted with the AWKA Championship 6 event in Ecuador which brought together the top amateur prospects from Colombia and Ecuador. These championship events are a great platform to not only compete against each other but to learn and develop together in the constant pursuit of excellence.

GAMMA has substantially increased its presence in Latin America ever since Nicaragua became the first established national member federation in the region. That has seen a new effect for the sport of MMA in with an increase in the numbers of athletes, promotions, and training centres which GAMMA is ready to offer support and assistance where needed.

Looking to the future, GAMMA is planning to host the inaugural Pan American Championships in 2023, giving an opportunity to athletes from central and south American as well as the Caribbean nations to compete at the highest level.