Mixed Martial Arts in Greece, which is under the auspices of the Hellenic Wrestling Federation has made a significant step in its development in recent weeks as it has applied to the Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts (GAMMA) to become a full member of the organisation after two years as an associate member.

Since becoming a member of the GAMMA family in 2020 as part of the non-Olympic sports committee in Greece, the national federation has already organised the Panhellenic Championships and sent a team to the 2021 GAMMA World Championships in Amsterdam who returned home with two bronze medals.

Applying for full membership of GAMMA is part of the longer-term strategic vision for the growth and improvement of MMA in Greece, while strengthening the collaboration between the Hellenic Wrestling Federation and the non-Olympic sports committee in the country.

Marking the occasion of the application to GAMMA, Professor Evangelos Koutras who represents MMA activities in Greece, and Lavasidis Giorgos the Secretary General of the Hellenic Wrestling Federation met to officially sign the documents linked to the full membership. Following that significant step, the Greek minister of Economics, Christos Staikouras who is a fan of MMA and has been impressed with the steps taken by the organisation to advance the sport, was introduced to the GAMMA representatives in the country.

It will surely not be too long until there are more MMA medallists being widely celebrated in the future.