A small delegation from the GAMMA Headquarters travelled to Cairo in Egypt last week to monitor the preparations for the upcoming inaugural GAMMA African Championships, as well as to meet with key officials in the region to discuss the development of MMA.

Mohamed Ibrahim Abdellatif, the chairman of the Egyptian MMA Committee (ENMAC) and President of the African MMA Confederation (AMMAC) and Mahmoud Saeed representing Egypt’s premier MMA Promotion welcomed the visitors and had the honour of hosting the visits.

The short two-day trip was very successful and included visits to the event hotels, the competition venue and the AUFC Academy which is home to many Egyptian combat sports athletes. There was also time for the the delegation to experience some local culture and hospitality.

Joining part of the visit was Major General Ahmed Nasser, the President of the Union des Confédérations Sportive Africaines (USCA-AASC). He took time out of his very busy schedule to meet with the GAMMA team and to discuss the ongoing activities for the development of MMA in the region. General Nasser is a big supporter of the mission of GAMMA and was a guest of honour at the 2021 GAMMA World Championships in Amsterdam. He is looking forward to welcoming the African Members of the GAMMA family to Cairo for the Championships in the coming months.

Concluding the visit, the guests were invited by General Nasser to attend the online UCSA Extraordinary assembly for Confederations.

GAMMA General Manager Gino Engelhardt who led the delegation to Cairo was very satisfied with the visit. “We can clearly see there are great prospects for MMA in Egypt and for the African Championships. I would like to thank our hosts for the warm welcome and the hospitality we received, and we look forward to returning very soon.”