Saturday 8 October was the first time since MMA recognition was granted in France that two MMA championships took place simultaneously. Cognac outside of Bordeaux, and Ruy near Lyon were the venues hosting French MMA athletes for the weekend of competitions.

The competition in Cognac, the 15th edition of the KOC, is a well-recognised and extremely popular event in the MMA calendar and featured 13 very competitive and highly entertaining bouts in front of almost 2500 knowledgeable spectators. For the first time, the competition was held under GAMMA rules which permitted the use of ground strikes.

Meanwhile in Ruy, the competition which is hosted jointly by the Nord Isère Kenpô club, and the Ruy Savate Boxing club is unique on the competition calendar. In its 4th edition, there were six Savate French Boxing matches and 14 Kenpô MMA bouts in front of an audience of 800 spectators. With a change in the rules for this 2022 edition from Kenpô Elite to be aligned with GAMMA rules, ground striking was also permitted which was a welcome change for all those competing and resulted in an excellent day of competition.

Merci beaucoup to the organisers of both competitions and to all those who took part in the great weekend of MMA action.