The city of Nashville in Tennessee, USA will welcome more than 100 young athletes for the very first GAMMA U18 International Championships this weekend. Famously known for its country music, there will be plenty of sights and sounds to enjoy for all those that will be making the trip to see the future MMA stars in action.

The event which starts tomorrow (Thursday) and runs until Sunday at the Millennium Maxwell House, will include competition across 15 weight categories for girls and 23 weight categories for boys, with athletes ranging from ages 8 to 17.

Speaking about the event GAMMA President Alexander Engelhardt said, “For young athletes, having the opportunity to compete at an international event is an extremely valuable development experience. This is where the future stars of our sport are born, and I am sure it will be a very memorable event for all those involved.”

As hosts of these U18 Championships, GAMMA USA President Justin Brown added, “MMA is a fantastic sport for young athletes. It is very different from what you see on TV and these championships offer a great experience for the next generation of MMA athletes. I am confident that it will be an excellent Championships and that we will continue to see an increase in the popularity of the GAMMA community going forward.”

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