During the weight-ins at the GAMMA Asian-Pacific Championships earlier today, Kazakhstan athlete Adil Duisen and his coach Telzhan Kabdiyev were caught attempting to manipulate the results.

With officials being notified of the situation, the pair were disqualified from the Championships with immediate effect. Adil Duisen will be removed from the draw in the 70.3kg category, while Telzhan Kabdiyev will have his accreditation cancelled and be prohibited from coaching with the Kazakstan team for the remainder of the event. Further penalties may be issued at a later date.

Speaking about the importance of integrity, GAMMA President Alexander Engelhardt said, “One of GAMMA’s core values is integrity and we will not tolerate any form of competition manipulation. This is an unfortunate situation, but I hope it will serve as a timely reminder to athletes and coaches that we are committed to protecting the integrity of our sport and the safety of all our athletes.”

No further comment will be made at this time.