The Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts (GAMMA) President Alexander Engelhardt has held talks with the Deputy Sports Minister of Russia, Odes Baysultanov, regarding the cooperation between the Russian Ministry of Sports and GAMMA for the future development of MMA and the reintegration of Russian athletes in GAMMA competitions at the appropriate time.

The meeting comes as authorities in Russia have agreed additional support for the sport to develop its athletes as part of the mission to become one of the strongest nations globally for the sport.

Both sides expressed their wish to see Russian athletes rejoin the international sports community as soon as possible and that sport and politics should exist independently of each other. Russia is ready to revamp the national sports system and continue investing in the future which will benefit MMA.

Speaking after the meeting, Engelhardt said, “It is a difficult time for athletes in Russia with the current restrictions in place. Being able to discuss the future of our sport with the authorities in the country is an important step to be prepared to reintegrate Russian athletes when the time is right. Our entire community wants to see the end of the ongoing conflict and we will continue to support all our athletes in the best way possible.”