220 athletes from 20 clubs across Greece came together on 18 and 19 of March in the northern Greek city of Alexandroúpoli for the Panhellenic MMA trophy. This event gave the local MMA community a chance to get together and compete as MMA and the activities of GAMMA grow across the country.

The municipality and the GAMMA partner; the Hellenic Wrestling Federation came together to support the event and make it possible. Special thanks go to Professor Evangelos Koutras who is in responsible for the development of MMA in Greece and who coordinated operations for the event.

Speaking after the event he was pleased with the progress being made so far, “I am proud of the work done to stage this event. We have had two incredible days with support from the entire National MMA community. There is still a lot of work that must be done going forward, but this weekend has been an encouraging starting point on which we can build a bright future for our great sport in Greece. Our next ambition is to host a GAMMA international event.”

Stay tuned!

Full results of the event can be found here.