Despite its geographical size, Croatia has always been a leading country for the development of sports and arguably punches above its weight in terms of success. That development and success includes MMA.

In fact, the South-eastern Mediterranean country has a long tradition in the sport and has produced many accomplished talents such as Mirko Filipovic and Roberto Soldic.

It’s now time for a new generation of talent to take center stage thanks to the tireless work of GAMMA and its national partner CROMMAF (Croatian MMA Federation) who have been working together since the creation of the GAMMA.

Last month (27 May) CROMMAF held its National Open MMA Championships using the GAMMA rules, where clubs from all over Croatia brought junior and senior athletes for a highly competitive day of competition.

Participation levels were fantastic and gave many amateurs the opportunity of being in the ring alongside the best Croatian talents. The full results can be found Here.

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