Ciruelas outside of Guadalajara in Spain was the venue for the recent gathering of the Spanish/Iberian MMA community for the 2023 Spanish/Iberian Championships which took place outside at the Campos Taurinos farm.

The picturesque Spanish countryside provided a unique backdrop for the ring where many young and talented participants competed in front of big crowds in a great celebration of the sport.

Local heroes from Fontanar, Alexandre Petrescu and Jordi Vela, delighted the crowd as they booked their respective spots on the Spanish National team for the upcoming GAMMA international events.

GAMMA National Representative and AEMMA President Chinto Mordillo was delighted with the event and continues to dedicate himself to developing and promoting the very best of the sport across Spain and Portugal.

The next step up for these young athletes to continue their pathway from grassroots competition will be to test themselves against the very best mixed martial athletes in the world at the GAMMA international competitions.