• 10 – 12 MARCH, ACCRA – GHANA

MMA competition will be taking place alongside Olympic sports in the African Games 2023 for the very first time in Accra, Ghana from this Sunday 10 to Monday 12 March.

The 13th edition of the four-year, multi-sport event runs from 8 to 23 March, organised by the African Union (AU), the Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa (ANOCA), the Association of African Sports Confederations (AASC) and the Supreme Council for Sport in Africa (SCSA).

Amateur MMA, under the Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts (GAMMA), will join 6 other demonstration sports among 30 disciplines. 8 of these will be holding qualifiers for this summer’s Paris 2024 Games.

Officially recognised in Africa by the Association of African Sports Confederations (AASC), GAMMA has 24 recognised and active member federations on the continent. From these, the finalised national teams and participants lists are due to be published after athlete preclearance and weigh ins this Friday.

GAMMA President Alex Engelhardt said:

“This is a great opportunity for MMA competitors to demonstrate their skills and athleticism on an Olympic platform, and GAMMA’s African members are excited to make their mark. GAMMA is committed to furthering opportunities and recognition for amateur MMA’s participants in Africa and globally.”

On adding mixed martial arts to the programme, President of the Ghanian National Olympic Committee, Ben Nunoo Mensah commented:

“Adding Mixed Martial Arts into the programme of sports is a very positive sign that Africa is ready to welcome the newer sports and those sports that have a great global interest. There are many youngsters not only in Ghana, but across Africa that are participating in MMA and these games provide a great opportunity to witness the best athletes in Africa competing in this exciting sport.”

MMA at the African Games 2023 will be live streamed free-to-view on GAMMA YouTube and Facebook channels.