On 8 March, as GAMMA was heading into the 2023 African Games, GAMMA Indonesia (PERTACAMI) was awarded official recognition by the Indonesian Olympic Committee (NOC Indonesia) as the national governing body for amateur mixed martial arts.

The recognition came during a Members Meeting and Extraordinary Congress held at the Fairmont Hotel in Jakarta, as the Executive Board of PB PERCATAMI was accepted as a new member by NOC Indonesia, among four decisions made by the committee.

PERTACAMI  Secretary General Peter Taslim said:

“As representatives of the sport of amateur MMA, are very happy and proud because we are the only MMA organisation recognised by the Indonesian NOC. MMA athletes will in future be able to compete in multi-sport games as participated in by the NOC. We have been active in sending MMA athletes to international, Asian and world events and we always succeed in bringing home international medals, including gold and silver at the 2023 GAMMA World Championships in Thailand,  through athletes Viona Amalia and Toni Hutapea, respectively”.

Indonesia is set to host GAMMA’s 2024 World Championships in December, in Jakarta.