Aged 27, Idoo Bhojul Mohammad Ajmal came into the African Games’ inaugural MMA event with some considerable martial arts experience. Championing at 93,0 Kg / – 205 lbs he added a prestigious gold medal to a host of previous accolades that include: a brown belt and various gold medals in Brazilian jiu jitsu; a GAMMA world bronze medal; and another silver in MMA from Supreme Fight championship (SFC).

Ajmal Bhoujul’s achievements are even more impressive when you consider his other responsibilities: “I have two children and I am in the military forces, but I still manage to train as this is my hobby and I love it .”

It was his first love of BJJ under the Mauritius Brazilian Jiu Jjitsu federation that brought him to mixed martial arts: “MMA has just started becoming popular in Mauritius, so it has not been so easy previously to gain experience. But training under the Mauritius Brazilian Jiujitsu and MMA Federation has provided us with a lot more opportunities to improve our game and experience at various levels of competition.”

His goals in MMA are simply “to prove myself and become a better version of myself, and to show that in MMA,  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the fundamental sport that one must practice. What motivates me most is the team I have, the coach I have and the mentality I have of never giving up.”

Sadly, the biggest stress in preparing for the 2023 African Championships came neither from training nor from his responsibilities: “The African Games was a challenge for me because some months before the competition there was some poor journalism and fake information circulating which really put my future at stake. But still, I did not give up and as for training, our coach continued to push us beyond our limits, so we were well prepared.”

Ultimately though, fighting against these odds paid in dividends: “I feel very, very proud to have raised the flag of my country on the podium in Accra. It was on our national Independence Day too and that made the feeling of pride even stronger for me”.

“But more than that, to go at all felt like a blessing in itself. As well as being a champion and having represented my country, I feel proud that through fighting against other nations I’ve become part of a brotherhood and gained personal experience.”

And it doesn’t stop there for the champion. Already, Idoo Ajmal is eyeing his next conquests: “I am preparing for the upcoming GAMMA World MMA Championships in Indonesia and the World Jiujitsu Championships in Japan.”

The GAMMA 2024 World Championships is set for December in Jakarta

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