GAMMA partner Cognitive Athletics has been holding its first Martial Arts Club Championship in the Czech Republic, under the Czech MMA Association.

The pioneering mixed martial arts clubs to have participated in the premier series are:

  • MMAA Arena Cup 86, Plzen
  • Gladiators Gym, Borovany
  • Brothers gym, Poděbrady
  • BJJ Usti Nad, Orlice
  • Gladiators Gym, České Budějovice

The competition involves the electronic testing and measuring of brain competencies through the non-contact application of martial arts techniques, using equipment such as pads. Everyone has had the chance to win prize money, from $50 up to $7500 for the winner, with the results to be announced at the end of this week.

The purpose of Cognitive-Athletics is to seamlessly combine physical and mental skills, elevating core cognitive abilities like response time, timing, explosive power, and decision making. By enhancing muscle memory and self-control through stimulation, response measurement, and instant feedback, the aim is to leverage athletes’ highest potential. The inspiration of Ludus technologies, this innovative technology measures and evaluates both physical and cognitive abilities. It also serves as a global connector, allowing the organisation global events and sport competitions while overcoming geographical barriers.

In an official statement, MMAA commented:

“We are very happy that 200 have people have participated and joined this significant research project of cognitive brain function for sport. Above all, the children were enthusiastic about the disciplines, had fun and at the same time, through the form of games they trained their reaction times, decision making, timing and other cognitive skills.”

In the second season, developments to the platform will connect and show all competition results on one interface, allowing each participant not only to view their results, but also their improvement in comparison with others. Additionally, automated reporting of each individual’s performance will be available.

“GAMMA Cognitive Athletics Martial Arts tournaments are not just about sports, they are mainly about training the brain and the processes involved. For the first time, however, it is possible to measure and evaluate these individual capabilities so as to improve these functions not only in and for sport, but for everyday life.”

Season two commences next week and will finish at the end of August. For enquiries or club registration in the Czech Republic, contact