GAMMA Hellas has confirmed eight of its nine athletes to be taking part in the 2024 GAMMA European Championships at the Bellevue Grand Hotel in Vysoké Tatry, Slovakia between 12 and 19 May.

A team of seniors and under-eighteens will be competing in MMA and Striking MMA in GAMMA’s first tournament for which the ‘MMA Arena’ will replace the ring as the field-of-play.

Among those representing Greece will be medallist Andreas Pantelidis (pictured), who won a bronze at last year’s Youth World Championships in Greece in the 72.6kg, under-eighteens category. He will be returning to the U18s division again with his sights set even higher.

A student outside of sport and with aspirations to go to university next, martial arts are Andreas’ passion and indeed run in his blood. Speaking with ahead of the Euros, he told us:

“I have been training in martial arts for my whole life. I come from a family that has been wrestling for many generations. I am a three-time MMA and grappling national champion. I am an under-eighteens world bronze medallist in MMA under GAMMA, and this time around I am aiming for the gold medal. I will give it my all at the GAMMA European Championships next week.”

Other returning athletes are 16-yer-old Ilias Tsakalidis (56.7kg) who ranked #5 in the last Youth MMA World Championships, and 24-year-old Stamoulis Apostolos who competed in the 2023 senior World Championships in Thailand to rank #9 in the 65,8 kg category. See below for the full confirmed team list.

The federation, GAMMA Hellas, is an independent department for MMA under the auspices of the Hellenic Wrestling Federation, holding national MMA championships and cups. The federation hosted and co-organised GAMMA’s first U18s World Championship in Alexandropoulos, last year.

GAMMA Hellas official, Evangelos Koutras, said:

“We work hard to promote amateur MMA in Greece and to prepare strong national teams to represent our country in GAMMA’s international competitions. As for our national team performing in the upcoming European Championships, we hope that our athletes will succeed in giving their best. We are happy to see them participate at such a high level.”


  • Pavlos Alexandros Bozic,  U18 Male | MMA -70.3 Kg                                  
  • Kyrillos Giakoump, Seniors Male | MMA -61.2 Kg                            
  • Nikolaos Grisikioudis, U16 Male | MMA -58.7 Kg                             
  • Andreas Pantelidis, U18 Male | MMA -70.3 Kg                                 
  • Konstantinos Pentidis, Seniors Male | MMA -77.1 Kg                                  
  • Dimitris Skourtis, Seniors Male | Striking MMA -93.0 Kg                              
  • Apostolos Stamoulis, Seniors Male | MMA -65.8 Kg                        
  • Ilias Tsakalidis, U18 Male | MMA -56.7 Kg