• 12 – 19 MAY 2024, VYSOKÉ TATRY – SLOVAKIA

Action commences at the 2024 GAMMA European Championships tomorrow with two days of under-eighteen’s competition.

Hosted by the Slovak MMA Association (SOMMA) at the Bellevue Hotel in Vysoké Tatry, the Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts is holding its continental nations championships for seniors and youth until 19 May.

Tomorrow, U18s and U16s will compete in the fenced MMA Arena, being used for the first time under GAMMA, while U14s and U12s will compete on the tatami. The amateur mixed martial arts rulesets are modified accordingly for each age group in terms of physiological and athletic development, and head-strikes are not permitted in any youth category.

One-hundred-and-twenty-four youth athletes have now checked in and passed their medical and weight tests. The tournament draw was completed this morning and the matches schedule published for tomorrow’s preliminaries, quarterfinals and semi-finals. The finals will take place on Wednesday with Awards Ceremonies.

Download Day 1 Matches Schedule here.

Senior matches in MMA and striking MMA will commence on Friday (17)  and continue through to Sunday (19). Held under Amateur MMA rules suited to the tournament format, the senior competitions are open to professional combat sport athletes, raising the level.

Today, GAMMA also held coaches’ briefings and two Referee’s and Judges Seminars as part of its broader educational programme for sport development.


For bouts schedule, draw and results information visit sportdata.org:
https://www.sportdata.org/mma/set-online/veranstaltung_info_main.php?active_menu=calendar&vernr=167 – a_eventhead


All matches will be live streamed for free on GAMMA Facebook and YouTube channels

Schedule & Start Times

14 May 2024:

  • 11:00 hrs Opening Ceremony
  • 12:00 hrs CEST: U18s Preliminaries, Quarter Finals, Semi-Finals
  • Programme 1: MMA Arena (U18s, U16s)
  • Programme 2: Tatami (U14s, U12s)

15 May 2024:

  • 11:00 hrs CEST: U14 & U12 Finals (Tatami)
  • 13:30 hrs CEST: Award Ceremony
  • 14:30 – 17:30 CEST: U18 & U16 Finals (MMA Arena)
  • 17:30 hrs CEST: U18s Awards Ceremonies
    Programme 1: MMA Arena (U18s, U16s); Awards Ceremonies
    Programme 2: Tatami (U14s, U12s)

 17 May 2024:

  • 9:00 hrs CEST (TBC): Senior preliminaries and Quarter Finals

 18 May 2024:

  • 9:00 hrs CEST (TBC): Senior Semi Finals

 19 May 2024:

  • 9:00 hrs CEST (TBC): Senior Finals
  • 20:00 hrs CEST: Senior Awards Ceremonies