Lorena Cubero made memories that will last a lifetime at the 2024 GAMMA European Championships, as she picked up an incredible gold medal in Striking MMA and silver in MMA to cap off a roller-coaster finals.

The 19-year-old fighting sensation, known as “She-Hulk”, went up against Natalie Trikalova of the Czech Republic in two blockbuster collisions at 61.2kg. In their first face-off of the day in Striking MMA, while many expected Trikalova to pull off the victory, Cubero stunned the audience with the kind of win that is bound to put her on the map. The tables turned when the women faced each other again in the afternoon in an MMA showdown that saw nemesis Trikalova triumph by Unanimous Decision.

Fighting out of Germany with Fight Club Gelsenkirchen, Cubero has known for a long time that she wants to be a star in mixed martial arts. Now, she has a great platform to build off of as she prepares for the next chapter in her career.

Following the competition, we spoke to Lorena about her triumph as well as what’s next.

How does it feel to win a medal for your country and what does it mean for you and the team? 

Winning a medal for Germany means a lot to me, because there is nothing better in sport than successfully representing your country. The team’s hard work also paid off.

Talk us through your fights (especially the finals). Did they go as you expected, what were the biggest challenges you faced, and what have you learnt? 

It is of course difficult to always operate outside your comfort zone, to endure such a long journey. To watch your weight, to eat foreign food. Being able to compete against such strong nations is a big task. You’re already very exhausted after a long preliminary round and it’s difficult to go into the final battle weakened. I automatically lost weight during the tournament due to the exertion and you’re already weakened by the different diet.

How did you train for the Euros and what was your focus? 

Unfortunately, I was still ill two weeks beforehand, but I prepared as well as I could with my team Fight Club Gelsenkirchen. The focus is always on working on my mistakes and developing myself further. Nevertheless, I’m a professional athlete and it’s my job, but it still wasn’t ideal.

Do you have other responsibilities and how do you balance it with training? 

In addition to sport, I study full-time, but I can combine this with sport. I do a training session in the morning before university and in the evening.

How did you get into MMA and what was your sporting background before that? 

I started taekwondo as a small child through my father and then switched to my current team at the age of 11. I do MMA because it is versatile and there are many opportunities to work on yourself every day.

What has been your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?

My biggest challenge was at the 2023 World Combat Games in Riyadh where I competed for the German national team at 62kg in the 70kg class, as no other weight class was available. Together with my coach Deniz Haciabdurrahmanoglu, we mastered this difficult task and were able to win all the fights.

What are your ultimate goals in MMA?

I want to achieve the greatest possible results and win many more titles along the way, as well as leave a lasting impression at GAMMA. As Vice world champion, World Combat Games champion and European champion, I am well on my way!

What’s next for you?

My next goal is gold at the World Championships in Indonesia in December 2024. See you there!