The Nicaraguan Mixed Martial Arts Commission (CONAMMIP) has announced its national team for the 2024 GAMMA Pan American Championships taking place in Rosario, Argentina next month.

Online registration for the international nations’ tournament in MMA and Striking MMA officially closes this coming Saturday 15 June. Attending nations so far are set to include: Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Uruguay and USA

The three-day continental competition commences on 5 July in Rosario at the Club Náutico, hosted by GAMMA ARGENTINA (Asociacion Civil con Personeria Juridica de Artes Marciales y Deportes de Combate) and will be live streamed internationally. Athlete registration and preclearance concludes onsite on 3 July followed by the tournament draw.

Nicaragua is presenting 6 athletes in total, with 3 participating in the MMA seniors and 3 in Striking MMA as follows:


125lbs snr. men’s division,MMA

Sadan “El Asesino” Martínez is 31 years old, hailing from the city of Nueva Guinea in Nicaragua. Sadan lives in one of the country’s most remote cities with little access to sports, but he has through his own tenacity been successful in every sport he has competed in (boxing, weightlifting, bodybuilding and MMA), despite invariably being self-coached. He is currently a coach for the Weightlifting Federation in his city. He has competed in MMA since 2013 and has a professional record of 5-4-1 and amateur record of 4-1-0. He participated in the 2024 GAMMA World Championship in Singapore to lose to finalist James Clarke.

135lb snr. men’s division, MMA

Christopher “El Titán” Reyes is 33 years old, originally from the City of Jinotepe in Carazo, Nicaragua. He is a member of the national wrestling team (this being his core sport). He is also the head coach of his MMA and Wrestling Academy, Titan Academy. With a professional record of 6-2-1 and an amateur record of 16-2-0, he is the competitor who can boast the most MMA bouts in Nicaraguan history with 27 matches to his name. He was also Pan American Vice Champion of the now extinct WMMAA, and a bronze medallist at the GAMMA World Championships in Singapore, losing to current UFC Fighter and title contender Steve Erceg. He currently ranks #6  in amateur MMA on

145lb snr. men’s division, MMA

Byron Jiménez is 32 years old, originally from the city of San Juan del Sur in Rivas, Nicaragua , the city in which the Central American MMA Championships were held. Byron is a BJJ teacher and surfing instructor in his hometown, where he belongs to the Moju Fight Academy team. With an Amateur record of 6-1-0, his only loss is to GAMMA World Champion Majid Corbett. He is considered one the best BJJ practitioners in Nicaraguan MMA


115 lbs snr. women’s division, Striking MMA

Stacy “La Tity” Mendieta is 20 years old, originally from the Nicaragua’s capital, Managua. With an amateur record of 5-2-0, she is the youngest athlete on the team having debuted in MMA competition at the age of 16. Stacy is a kickboxing medallist via the 2023 ALBA Games in Venezuela, with extensive kickboxing experience that positions her  as one of the best female strikers in the country. She works as a professional stylist in her daily life.


Jefferson “MouGregor” Zapata is 23 years old, originally from the city of Ciudad Sandino in Managua, Nicaragua. He is currently an MMA coach at Starling MMA Academy with an amateur MMA record of 9-4-0 and professional record of 2-1-0 plus extensive experience in kickboxing. He is 2021 National Kickboxing Champion and considered one of the best male strikers in the country. This will be his first time participating in a GAMMA competition.

135lb snr. men’s division, Striking MMA

Enoc Escoto is 24 years old, originating from the city of Matagalpa in Nicaragua. Enoc works in construction by day. As a grassroots amateur boxer, he has competed in the highest level national tournament as a representative of his city. He has an amateur MMA record of 8-2-0 and was the Champion of the 2023 Central American MMA Championship at 135lbs. He was also bronze medalist at the 2023 GAMMA World Championships in Thailand in Striking MMA, losing to