(Michael Knief/AP Content Services for MEI)

Last Thursday 20 June, GAMMA Director General Peter Stafford presented to city representatives at Major Event International’s ‘Host and Federations Summit’ in Lausanne.

Speaking at the Olympic Museum, he invited hosting rights bids for the GAMMA’ s international MMA Championships, publicly launching the federation’s open application process for national organisations, Host Cities and commercial entities that wish to partner on GAMMA events in 2025 – 2026.

The Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts boasts a successful track record in organising three-day MMA championships around the world, ranging from smaller 20-team continental championships to the annual World Championships drawing from its membership of almost 80 nations. Following a stellar World Championships in Thailand in 2023, inclusion in the 2023 African Games and with Indonesia ready to host a high-profile 2024 Worlds under its National Olympic Committee, GAMMA has well demonstrated its ability to produce top tier events in a rapidly growing sport with tremendous youth appeal.

GAMMA’s flexible model comprises events that are logistically easy and cost-effective to organise, using inexpensive equipment and technology with a lean, international organising team. Aside from offering commercial rights and benefits, and access to a powerful network, the GAMMA Championships create opportunities for the training and upskilling of local volunteers and workforce in a young sector. Participant and community centred, with an approach of operating ‘locally, globally’, through its events GAMMA provides an array of opportunities for social and legacy projects.

Next Championships still open for bids are:

  • 2026 World Championships
  • 2025 Continental Championships (Africa; Asia / Asia – Pacific; Europe; Pan America)

As a member of the international sports family, GAMMA is interested too in cross-sport collaborations and participation in multi-sport events.

Stafford commented:

“I’d like to thank MEI for the opportunity to address representatives from a range of cities and other organisations and speak about the appeal of MMA and our event portfolio. It is an extremely competitive market for rights holders and being able to meet many in person during the three-day summit has been extremely beneficial. We look forward to the continued discussions in the coming months and bringing our events to new cities in the future.”

For GAMMA bidding and event-related inquiries, contact the Head of Events: zoe@gamma-sport.org