The GAMMA World and Continental Championships are a catalyst for the development of mixed martial arts around the world. Raising the profile of athletes competing in GAMMA Championships and providing the best competition environments are top priorities.

National Federations and organisations, Host Cities and commercial entities are invited to bid to host GAMMA Championships and deliver world class events that will motivate athletes, engage fans and partners so as to enhance Mixed Martial Arts’ (MMA) in the global sports market.

To find the most suitable hosts and allow sufficient time for the planning and organisation of GAMMA Championships, we offer an effective and sustainable bid process to provide interested countries with the opportunity to develop the sport.

The requirements for hosting are organised into ten (10) functional areas and provide a key first step for potential organisers to determine whether they have the capacity and resources to host GAMMA Championships.

The 10 functional areas are:

1. Event Vision & Legacy6. Manpower
2. Competition7. Commercial
3. Event Services8. Government support & Administration
4. Medical & Anti-Doping9. Media Rights & Broadcast
5. Security & Insurance10. Hospitality & VIPs

GAMMA’s Event Organising Guidelines provide guidance to Member Federations in these 10 functional areas on the standard requirements that are needed to deliver world-class MMA competitions.

It is part of GAMMA’s ongoing efforts to develop and strengthen amateur MMA around the world to achieve consistency in the way our championships are organised and presented.

Assessment & Evaluation Criteria

GAMMA is committed to ensuring the assessment and evaluation of all bids is transparent to all parties involved. Every bid will be assessed and evaluated on its individual merits, taking into consideration qualitative and quantitative matters, and all relevant aspects. The assessment will be made by the GAMMA events team before being presented to the Executive Board.

Several assessment and evaluation criteria are considered by GAMMA, including but not limited to:

  • Organisational Factors
  • Athlete Welfare
  • Facilities & Infrastructure
  • Stakeholder Experience
  • Legacy


1Opening of the bidding process1st of December
2Deadline for submission of Application Form & Letter of Intent (LOI)Last Friday of March
3Evaluation of Bid Applications by interested host cities1 April – 30 June
4Announcement of Bid Winner by GAMMA Executive Board31 July
5Completion of signing of event hosting contract by Bid Winner31 August

Where no other application has been received and/or approved, no later than April 1st in the calendar year before the calendar year scheduled for the competition, GAMMA holds the exclusive right and authority to determine the host country for the competition. This ensures that GAMMA has a clear and definitive period within which it can exercise its discretion to select the host country, thereby facilitating effective planning and organisation of the event.


Download Bid Application Form
Download Event Organising Guidelines

For bidding/event-related inquiries, contact the Head of Events