Members are National Federations that meet the obligations as detailed in the Constitution

Each Member has the obligation to:

a. administer, promote, and develop the sport of MMA in its country.
b. remain in good standing with GAMMA.
c. provide proof of the National Federation existing as a legal entity.
d. comply with the terms and conditions of this Constitution, the regulations of GAMMA and decisions
rendered under these provisions.
e. pay the annual membership fee.
f. use its best endeavours to support and participate in GAMMA competitions and activities.
g. adhere to the GAMMA anti-doping regulations.
h. ensure that athletes are informed and consent to the use of their personal data (including name, date of
birth, results, etc.) and images taken during GAMMA events and activities for organisational and
promotional purposes and given to selected third parties.
i. enforce ethical behaviour as described by the GAMMA Code of Ethics against all persons subject to its
j. promote good governance among all bodies and organisations within its jurisdiction.
k. ensure that any person affiliated to a Member who has

Member rights include:

a. attend, take part in, and vote at Congresses.
b. make proposals for consideration by the Congress.
c. nominate candidates for elected positions.
d. take part in GAMMA competitions and activities.
e. exercise any other rights arising from the Constitution

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