Technical Officials perform a vital role in competitions to ensure that the rules are interpreted and applied with absolute consistency wherever and whenever they are implemented. Thus, it is integral that technical officials maintain the highest officiating standards at all levels of the sport.

GAMMA is committed to providing accessible education in MMA at the international level. It oversees the ongoing development and execution of the Pathway to International Officiating programme. As part of this, GAMMA encourages the ongoing education and professional development of individuals and federations to foster a culture of continuous improvement for the advancement of the sport.

Officials Development Pathway

The GAMMA Pathway to International Officiating is a comprehensive programme designed to equip technical officials with the necessary skills and knowledge essential for their roles to ensure the safety of the sport and the quality of the competition.

GAMMA takes into consideration that officials have different aspirations and provides for three (3) career tracks: the Judge Track; the Referee Track and the Educator Track.

The pathway offers a structured approach, guiding individuals through the different levels within each track while outlining the requirements and opportunities available at each level.

At the core of our education system lies a holistic understanding of what it takes to excel as a technical official – knowledge, skills, values and attitudes.

Referees’ Track

See an overview of the GAMMA Referee Track here

Further Information

Contact for full information about Referees, Judge and Educator tracks and how to apply.